Family ski holidays for beginners

We think ski holidays are right for everyone! But we understand we’re biased, so we’ve listed as many reasons we could think of why family ski holidays for beginners are simply brilliant.


Two people skiing down the mountain

  1. The activity

Ski holidays were made for active families. If the sound of a holiday spent on the beach sounds boring to you, then the chances are you’ll love a ski holiday. You and the kids will spend all day on the mountain: practising, falling over (don’t worry, everyone does it), and then whizzing down the slopes, feeling the rush that makes ski holidays so popular.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are also a whole host of other activities in most ski resorts to keep you and the little ones entertained off the hill too. Most ski resorts include a swimming pool, bowling, a cinema, an ice rink, and climbing walls, while really good ones also offer husky sled rides, paragliding, ski-joering, and snow-mobiles to try.


Family sitting on a ski chair lift

  1. The flexibility (and we’re not just talking about your hamstrings!)    

Don’t get us wrong, each ski holiday, and every resort will be different. Of course, you can find resorts well-suited to adults, but there are so many brilliant resorts that are perfect for beginners and families.

The ski holiday itself is really flexible. It allows the whole family to split up for the day if you want to – the kids could be off learning while you’re tackling your first blue run…or vice versa! Unlike other family holiday types, a ski holiday doesn’t mean you have to be together 24/7.

The skiing day starts early – generally you’ll be up at 8.30am in order to get off to your lessons and onto the pistes. So while you’d perhaps like a lie-in (particularly on day 3 of skiing!), it will force you and the kids to get up and out early. Not only does this mean you make the most of your ski holiday, but the kids will be knackered come bedtime, leaving the evenings to relax.


  1. The guidance

Instructors and reps will teach and guide you on how to do everything, from finding boots that won’t kill your feet, to tackling the lifts, as well as… you know… how to ski. Further, most ski schools will teach those from the age of 3 all the way up to those in their 80s, so you really can learn at any age.

Pretty much all the gear you’ll need is easy to rent in the resort, so you needn’t buy it! What you can’t rent, try and borrow from friends and family – that way, if skiing doesn’t sit so well with one of you, you haven’t spent a fortune on all the gear. That said, we’d recommend buying your own thermals and socks, because no one wants to borrow those!


Little girl holding her skis over her shoulder

  1. The accommodation  

Picking your ski holiday accommodation is completely tailorable, and there’s plenty of choice! If you like to cook on holiday, you can hire a self-catering chalet and have the full run of the chalet to yourselves. If you like the luxury of a hotel, or the freedom of an entire property, without the hassle of cooking, you can book a catered chalet or choose a hotel. And the bonus? Most of them come with access to a wood-burning stove and a hot tub!

The only tip we would suggest is to pick accommodation close to the pistes – trekking from your chalet to the pistes with skis, poles and children in tow can be a little trying, so it’s best to make that journey as short as possible! Our advice? Opt for ski-in, ski-out accommodation.


Skis dug into the snow

  1. The friendliness   

Whichever resort you choose, from Saint Lary Soulon to Les Orres, there will be plenty of families learning from scratch just like you. You can be as sociable or unsociable (no judgement there!) as you please. There are events and activities put on by the tourist office, plus live music and lively dinners to join in with.

A ski holiday is a brilliant way to enjoy some family bonding time. Skiing is a great way to bring everyone together as they learn a new skill together, and get to explore a new type of holiday in a stunning location.  Couple this with cosy evenings curled up in your chalet, and activities you won’t have tried before, and you’ve got a recipe for family holiday heaven.


Have we tempted you? Browse our ski holiday accommodation, and we’ll see you on the slopes!

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