Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix 2017

Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix 2017

What is the Monaco Grand Prix?

No doubt you’ll already have heard of the Monaco Grand Prix, and if not, you’ve heard of Formula 1, right? Simply, it’s car racing. But not just any car racing. Formula 1 is the ultimate in racing cars.

The world’s best drivers will be there, and yes, their cars are stunning. It’s intense, it’s fast, and at times, it can be scary. But if you’re into fast cars, watching the Grand Prix in Monaco is a once in a lifetime treat.

The first F1 Grand Prix was held in 1929, and has grown over the years to become the glitzy, uproariously fast event it is today. The circuit the drivers will race around is 3.337km long, and they’ll lap it 78 times. The lap record is currently held by Lewis Hamilton (2016), at 1:17.939.

If you need any more convincing, simply watch this stomach-clenching video on the F1 Monaco website.


Monaco Grand Prix green start lights

When is the F1 Monaco Grand Prix?

Thursday 25th May – Sunday 28th May 201

The racing:

Practice 1 – Thu – 10-11.30am

Practice 2 – Thu – 4-3pm

Practice 3 – Sat – 11-12pm

Qualifying – Sat – 4-3pm

Race – Sun – 2-4pm

The event runs from the Thursday to the Sunday, and Friday is the day the drivers rest – perfect for you to do a little sightseeing. If you want even more time to explore, you can just buy day tickets to watch the main racing on Saturday and Sunday, and explore Eze and Monaco on Thursday and Friday.


Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix 2017

Where can I stay?

We’ll be frank with you, staying in Monaco will cost you a fair old wedge. It’s a lavish do, and the accommodation reflects that. The closer you get to the track, the pricier you can expect your bed to be. But that’s where we come in.

Our 4* Hotel-Residence Eza Vista is handily just down the road from Monaco. It sits just half an hour’s drive from Monaco city centre, and offers comfortable, quiet accommodation that won’t cost you the earth! Our apartments are spacious and sea-facing, sleeping two to six guests. And the best bit? A week’s accommodation for two starts from £405. We’ll say no more!

Getting from Nice airport to Eze village takes just 30 minutes, and transfers to the Monaco Grand Prix from Eze take another half an hour by car, or just 10 minutes by train.


Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix 2017

Things to do in Monaco

Monaco is colourful and vibrant, with plenty to see. Monaco Cathedral is a must, and Fort Antoine – built in the 18th century – is now an open-air theatre. The Prince’s Palace is very imposing – especially lit up at night – while Monaco’s harbour is an eye-opener. Come summer, the harbour is jam-packed with enormous boats, from super yachts to powerful motor cruisers. Bring your oversized sunnies and prepare to people watch!

The Monte Carlo Casino is one of the most famous in the world, and for that alone it would be worth seeing, but it’s also a stunningly beautiful building. It’s featured in multiple Bond films, it’s lavishly decorated, and is a little overwhelming, but it’s well worth a peek, if only to say you’ve stood where multiple 007s have.


Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix 2017

Things to do in Eze

Eze itself is a gorgeous little village. Found right on the coast, just south-west from Monaco, Eze has a pretty beach, tiny cobbled streets, and a wealth of lush greenery. The Jardin Botanique d’Eze is lovely, filled with cacti and twisting pathways to explore.

If you fancy challenging your legs – take the Nietszche trail. Leading from the coast, it’s said the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietszche climbed the trail every day in the summer, giving him heatstroke and hallucinations, which led to some of his best work. But simply take a hat and lots of water and you needn’t fear hallucinations! The trail affords fantastic views over the Bay of Eze, before burrowing into the forest on the hill. Follow the trail to the tiny village at the top and explore the Jardin Exotique, enjoy a drink in one of the two 5* hotels, before heading back down to the sea.

So, are you ready to experience F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2017? We’ll see you there!

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