Skiing or snowboarding: Take to a board this winter

Since humans have been sliding down mountains on shiny flat surfaces, there’s been a feud as to which is better – skiing or snowboarding? Here at Madame Vacances, we think this debate is pointless – both skiing and snowboarding are awesome sports! That said, we know it can be tricky to decide whether to go skiing or snowboarding. From the aches and pains to the eventual gains, we’re going to take an unbiased look at why you should jump on board this winter and give snowboarding a go.


Snowboarder flying through the snow

  1. Speedy progression

It can take longer to get to grips with snowboarding, but once you’ve mastered your heel edge and your toe edge, you’re up to speed with the two main principles of snowboarding! It’s far easier to become proficient at snowboarding than skiing, and after a couple of lessons, you can expect to leave the nursery slopes. It’s also easier to learn tricks on a snowboard, the motion’s much smoother when you’ve only got one board to think about.


  1. Falling down isn’t as bad

If we’re being honest, stepping out on the snow for the first time will probably make you feel like Bambi. Whether you’re on skis or a board, it can be daunting, but after the first tumble, it all becomes part of the fun.

When you’re learning to snowboard you will spend a lot of time on the floor. That said, the falls are less painful than on skis, which is always a bonus – and at least you have your bum too for cushioning (extra fondue anyone?).


Snowboarder climbing through a forest

  1. Convenience

It’s accepted that it’s easier to move around the resort as a snowboarder. Skiers have to carry two skis and two poles, and ski boots are very firm, making it really tricky to walk from chalet to slope. You’ll get used to seeing skiers waddling around, dropping skis and poles as they make their way to the slopes. As a snowboarder, you simply tuck your board under your arm and off you go. Snowboard boots are also much softer, making walking far easier!

That said, you will have to get used to dismounting chairlifts with your snowboard still attached to your feet, which can be interesting. You’ll also have to find a skiing buddy who can give you a tow on the flat sections, as boards aren’t particularly easy to shift on flat snow!


  1. The reward

It can feel long and laborious to learn to snowboard, but it’s truly worth it. Beginners on snowboards can try off-piste far sooner than they would on skis, and the freedom of movement a single board and no poles provides is a revelation. You’ll also find yourself achieving tricks and even taking to the air very speedily.


Snowboarder in a stunning French Alp vista

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We’ll see you on the slopes!

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