Watch: Dad vs. Kids on holiday

The third in our vlogger series, this week we’re exploring Moliets with blogger James and his kids Sophia and Oscar.

We invited the Marsh family to spend a week with us in Moliets, where they good-naturedly undertook a range of tasks to determine just who has the most fun on holiday – parents or kids. The result? Watch the video to find out!



Monkeying around

We sent the Marshes to the Adrenalin Parc treetop adventure course as their first assignment. First up was Sophia, who walked the high wire like a pro, even stopping to pull a cheesy face at the camera on her way. Kudos (and one point) to Sophia! In retaliation, dad James whizzed along the zip wire, pulling an impressively accurate Tarzan face along the way – one point to James.

After all that exhaustion, the Marshes headed to a restaurant where James ordered drinks en Francais. Watch the video for James’ cautious “lemonade, s’il vous plait?” followed by a hearty cheer. The next question James asked in French was a little lost, and the bartender replied in English! Sorry James, you lost that point.


Water babies

Next up, the Marshes took to the Moliets waves, with a surfing lesson in which Oscar managed to catch his first wave. Meanwhile, back on dry land Sophia took to the skateboard during skating lessons and zoomed off with no problems. One point each!

Finally, Sophia and James rallied and tried a little paddle boarding together, both managing to stay on the board – and there was no pushing each other off! Very restrained. One point each.


The scores

When the scores were in, James was disappointed, but it was always going to be the kids who had the most fun! Together Sophia and Oscar had 4 points, and James had 2. Must try harder!


The accommodation

The Marshes stayed at our Villas La Clairière aux Chevreuils, where a villa for 8 costs from £699 for a week’s stay. The villas offer spacious accommodation, with wooden beams and large windows. Each villa boasts a private garden, complete with its own private swimming pool and terrace! On a more practical level, the villas have a fully-equipped kitchen with a washing machine and tumble dryer, plus pets are welcome!

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